Vizury partners with TUNE to power its App Retargeting & Re-Engagement Offering

We have partnered with TUNE, the leading enterprise SaaS platform for marketers and their partners to measure results on mobile, to power performance measurement and attribution for our App Retargeting and Re-engagement campaigns. TUNE brings together measurement and attribution across paid, owned and earned media to help app marketers measure campaign performance on mobile.

If you are a TUNE customer, the integration couldn’t be easier! You can simply opt for Vizury’s SDK-less solution for in-app marketing by contacting us.


Currently people spend as much as 90% of their time on the mobile app and this number is only set to grow over the coming years. As a mobile marketer, it is time you powered up your mobile app strategy.

As your customers’ love for apps continues to grow, there are two major challenges you will face as an app marketer:

  1. Retain users and engage them on your app and ensure they find ongoing value.
  2. Accurate in-app measurement will be a crucial step in this process to demonstrate RoI on your mobile marketing investment

Vizury’s partnership with TUNE helps you tackle these challenges head on. Using over 100+ behavioral attributes, Vizury’s App Retargeting & Re-engagement solution helps you understand your users’ intent and preferences. It then customizes product recommendations for every single user and prompts them towards a purchase. It keeps a close watch on the user’s engagement levels and gets into action when a dip in activity is observed.

All of Vizury’s Retargeting & Re-engagement campaigns can be measured via TUNE® Marketing Console, which results in accurate performance scores for Vizury customers.

Partnering with TUNE makes Vizury’s App Marketing Solution industry leading, driven by accurate app performance analytics and attribution.

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