Learnings that helped us grow and sustain in China

China is one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets today and thus an irresistible prospect for companies on the lookout for new markets.

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However, things were not the same four years ago when we first stepped into China with our desktop retargeting offerings. Ecommerce was still booming and Vizury was the first company offering retargeting in China, some of our clients even called it “magic”. We had an adventurous ride thus far and have grown from a two member team operating out of coffee shops to twenty five Vizurians working out of three offices across China. Here are some important learnings that we picked up along the way:

China is a very traditional country like India and both the countries have been close since the days of early civilizations. However, China is very different from India in terms of the technology, internet growth, legal requirements and culture. Our first learning – standard advertising rules do not apply in China. For example, while one user group is price conscious and displaying the discount percentage on the ad helps in engaging these users. However, a vast group of users prefer to be associated with the brand especially for luxury goods. For such users, the brand logo on the ad helps grasp user attention more than the discount percentage!

Our second learning – China has swift market changes, so gear up and adapt to these changes. For example in 2011 DSP was very nascent but booming by 2012. Similarly, ad-exchange was a small phenomenon in 2012, but 2013 saw every ad network or DSP setting up an ad-exchange. You must be equipped to evolve your business strategy and products to around these changes to stay ahead in the Chinese market.

550+million internet users show such a diverse behavior that you cannot treat China as a single market. Users from cities like Beijing, Shanghai are well versed with ecommerce whereas users outside these cities are not. It is more like a group of diverse and complex markets and therefore essential to tweak your solutions based on these diversities and so our third learning – localization is the key to win here.

Mobile domination is a phenomenon worldwide and so in China. However, the mobile eco-system in China is very unique in terms of the mobile devices used, mobile OS, App stores. So our fourth learningA mobile solution that is tailored for China is a “must have” in your offerings.


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