Infographic: China eCommerce User Behavior Trends

With more than 200 million users buying goods online, the Chinese eCommerce market has the world’s largest number of online buyers. In 2012, users bought goods worth $200 billion through Chinese eCommerce sites. Almost, 1 billion more people are expected to make online purchases this year and hence the market still has big potential for growth. In next few years, China is expected to become the world’s largest eCommerce market, overtaking America. According to local government report of CNNIC, clothes and shoes are the most frequently bought products. Almost 82% of online shoppers bought shoes or clothes in 2012.


Vizury works with some of the largest apparel (clothing, shoes, accessories) eCommerce clients in China. In last 2 years, we have analyzed user data for 100+ Chinese eCommerce customers and the analysis of user behavior threw up trends that were unique to this country. These trends are presented below in the form of an infographic. Do tell us what you think!

Infographic on user behavior on Chinese eCommerce websites



  • Campaign data integration and analysis: Abhishek Verma
  • Infographic design: Viju K Balan and Sarath MS

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