Introducing Vizury MobiConvert

Mobile re-targeting with Vizury MobiConvert

We at Vizury are happy to announce the latest addition to our product offerings – Vizury MobiConvert, our mobile retargeting solution. MobiConvert helps online advertisers re-target users who have dropped off from their mobile website.

Emergence of Mobile Commerce

Mobile devices are more than mere communication tools today. A wide array of activities like browsing, e-mails, gaming, shopping that were possible using a computer can now be performed using a mobile device. Globally, smartphones and tablets are now contributing to roughly 25% of the user traffic on ecommerce and travel websites. Sales through smartphones and tablets contribute to around 15% of the total online sales. With the rapid adoption of smart phones and tablets across the globe, these numbers can only go north.

Online sales through mobile devices as a percentage of the total online sales in U.S.

Mobi Graph

Challenges in Mobile Web Marketing

Mobile marketing is relatively new and advertisers face several challenges to run an effective mobile marketing campaign. Some of them are:

  • Advertiser’s and Publisher’s mobile presence is fragmented between mobile web and mobile apps.
  • Identification of a user across mobile web and mobile app and messaging across these two channels.
  • Identification of users across multiple devices (such as mobile, desktop) and messaging across channels.
  • Patchy support to cookie and other tracking mechanisms on mobile browsers and apps.

Vizury MobiConvert is the first step towards solving these challenges on mobile devices. Advertisers can enjoy the benefits of Vizury’s fully-managed, industry specific, dynamic retargeting services for their mobile websites with Vizury MobiConvert.

Vizury MobiConvert enables advertisers to:

  1. Record anonymous user behaviour (without collecting PII data) on the advertiser’s mobile website such as products viewed, duration of visit, drop off page etc.
  2. Use this user behaviour data to create and display customised ads for an individual mobile user and hence drive revenue and conversions.
  3. Customised banners for mobile display banner sizes using HTML5, a technology that will work across mobile devices.
  4. Have an excellent reach on mobile devices due to the mobile and tablet specific inventory partners that Vizury has on-boarded via RTB & Non-RTB connections.
  5. Maximize mobile marketing returns and overall ad-spend efficiency by identifying users across mobile websites and apps.

Launching Vizury MobiConvert

After the initial design and development, MobiConvert has been in a limited beta stage for the last three months. During the beta launch, we could run a few campaigns for the mobile website of a leading e-commerce shoe retailer and observed the following results:

  1. CTR of our mobile banners were more than twice the CTR of the advertiser’s desktop retargeting campaigns.
  2. A 10% increase in the conversions on their mobile website.

Vizury MobiConvert is now ready to take on the world stage, keep watching this space for more updates on MobiConvert.

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