November in the Vizury Newsroom



It has been frenetic in the ‘newsroom’ for the last couple of months! Among many other things, our mobile retargeting product Vizury MobiConvert picked up on the action rapidly, we were recognized for our exemplary and steady growth, we integrated with the world’s most loved social network, we wrote some interesting and thought-provoking content, and our brand new website became a redesign case study! Phew!

So here’s the lowdown:

AdExchanger interviews our CEO, Chetan Kulkarni – Chetan was interviewed by AdExchanger, one of the world’s best known websites in the ad tech space. He says, “When I look at the channels for our business right now as it relates to exchanges, it is mostly display. We have robust RTB integrations with Google, AppNexus, Facebook, the Rubicon Project and all the usual suspects. In the end, the ad-exchange model helps our advertisers reach their users at a point in time…” – India-Based Vizury Targeting Digital CRM in Asia-Pacific Region by AdExchanger.

Mobile retargeting is à la mode – Our mobile retargeting product team now functions as a ‘company-within-a-company’ headed by our COO Gourav Chindlur. Vizury MobiConvert is revolutionizing the way marketers target mobile device users who have already visited the marketer’s mobile asset (website or app). And the rich results are kicking in already – see this infographic.

We are #2 on Deloitte Tech Fast 50, 2013, a list of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in based in India. Our CEO Chetan Kulkarni credits the company’s stupendous revenue growth over the past three years to the successful international expansion and the strengths of our key website retargeting offering, Vizury WebConvert. The list is available here.

Our first whitepaper is out – We used data from our global campaigns to analyse how retargeted users behaved differently in every industry. This formed the basis of our first whitepaper, “Industry Driven Retargeting: the benefits of a domain-driven retargeting strategy.” It also recommends several industry-specific features that advertisers should build into their retargeting campaigns.

We are now directly integrated with Facebook Exchange – We announced our direct integration with Facebook Exchange, Facebook’s real-time ad buying platform. This integration will enable us display ads on Facebook, in addition to existing display inventory.

Our website is a case studyOur brand new website which is based on flat UI design is now a case study! It has been described as a pleasant deviation from template style that is so ubiquitous today. “The fact that the above information heavy pages were consumed and that there has been a 100% increase in the time spent on those pages indicate phenomenal success.” – The complete reference for a Website revamp by Jumpcontent.

Lead Digital, Germany interviews Edvaldo Acir, our Latin America Head – Ed was interviewed by Lead Digital, one of the most influential German Digital Business Magazine. Ed says, “2013 was the biggest growth spurt over Mobile. Mobile applications are therefore – together with premium environments within web portals – the next step.” – The biggest growth spurt by Mobile by Lead Digital, Germany.

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