Happy new year and a 2013 summary of Vizury news

A very happy new year to all our friends and readers from everyone at Vizury. 2013 was a great year for us and we hope it was the same for you as well. And also, here’s to all hopes that 2014 will be even better!

Below, I have summarized the top 5 things that happened to us / we did well in 2013. For this we have to thank in equal measures, every Vizurian, our customers, our leadership, our investors, and of course, all our families and well-wishers.

(In no particular order)

    • We went mobile and we rocked it! Our mobile retargeting solution, MobiConvert, was launched in 2013. We hope you caught our mobile product manager, Shiju’s blog here and also his article here on mobile retargeting. Since its launch, MobiConvert has also grown to include the ability to place retargeting ads within mobile apps. Also, customers have really taken to it with great interest and excitement. A Japanese customer’s results from their mobile retargeting campaign were also very encouraging.
    • The business grew fast and furious! Our revenue multiplied almost 3X, we increased our customer base almost 40% and customers on an average spent 70% more with Vizury solutions than they did in 2012. Phew! Much of it was thanks to aggressive geo-expansion, increasing our product portfolio and also implementing operational innovations to improve campaign throughput. It was business growth at breakneck speed but there’s not a minute of it we did not love! A roller-coaster ride we are looking forward to repeat and beat this year.
    • There are so many more Vizurians now! We started the year with about 90 Vizurians and now the number has more than doubled. Vizurians in offices across the globe (other than Bangalore) have gone up more than 150%! In Bangalore we’ve expanded space to occupy the entire building (where we had just 2 floors to begin with) and now it’s common to see Vizurians at the lunch table exchanging introductions.

There you go. I’ve constrained myself to 5 things that happened in 2013, along the lines of the 5 predictions I made for retargeting in 2014 in the ClickZ article.

Now, can you predict 5 things that Vizury will do in 2014?

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