Vizury’s core values

(Co-authored by Arjun A.V.)

“Culture takes over when the CEO leaves the room” – Frances Frei and Anne Morriss

You will agree that the value system and beliefs of an organization determine its growth path and the core values of an organization are reflected in the way its business is run. Also, as one treads new milestones in business and grows as a team especially at the pace of Vizury (our global headcount has grown by >50% in the last 12 months) – the team is bound to include individuals from various backgrounds. This makes it essential to define a set of values and beliefs that act as the vertebrae that makes individuals function together as a team.

We always believed that a common set of values was the driving force behind Vizury’s culture and so we set out to define it. We knew it would be challenging and yet of great significance to us. It might have been easier to use generic values shared across leading businesses as our core values, but this would not serve the purpose. The intention was to list down the values that all of us at Vizury uphold and will continue to stand for.

Core values are relevant only when employees believe in them, identify with them and represent them in their day-to-day work and interactions. Bearing these thoughts in mind, we came up with a four-stage process to define Vizury’s core values. A couple of articles helped us shape this process, namely “Building your company’s vision” and “10 steps for developing your company’s core values”.

STAGE 1: Identify key personal values

Employees are the building blocks of an organisation and the personal values of its employees collectively form the core values of the organisation. So, we selected a group of ten employees from various functions at Vizury and asked them to share the core values that they personally believe in and strive to live by along with a brief description for each value.

These values were then scored based on how frequently they were mentioned by this group. Through this activity, we were able to identify the top seven personal values.


STAGE 2: Test and distill shortlisted values

We then asked our managers to evaluate each of the shortlisted values from stage 1 based on how well their teams lived by these values:

  • Is the value essential towards being a ‘role model’ within the company as well as to the external world?
  • Will the absence of the value make an employee a poor representative of Vizury?

Views or ideas on any new values were also solicited. Each value was scored based on the number of votes received for both questions. This was necessary to understand the relevance of each of the shortlisted core values to Vizury employees and teams. In this step “Customer Centricity” emerged as a new addition to our shortlisted values.


STAGE 3: Ranking the values

In order to validate the list and identify the top four core values, a larger group of employees were asked to rank each of the shortlisted values from stage 2 based on their relevance to Vizury and anyone working here. The scores were aggregated for each value and new values were also solicited along with a rank. We could list down four core values based on these rankings as shown below.


STAGE 4: Feedback from everyone

This was the most crucial step in the process. We shared the short-listed values from stage 3 across the entire organization and solicited feedback. We received many enthusiastic responses to this outreach.
Most employees identified with the values shortlisted and also suggested additional values which they felt were indispensable as Vizurians.

“Customer Centricity” which was eliminated after Stage 3 was recognized by many as a key value that was missing in the shortlist! So “Customer Centricity” was back on our list along with “Team Work”!


After the exercise which took more than a month to complete, we were able to define the core values that are an integral part of Vizury’s work culture. All of us at Vizury relate to and understand each of the values. Everyone at Vizury has had a role to play in choosing and defining them and we look forward to adding many new Vizurians to our team who exemplify these values.

Our Core Values


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