The Future Of AdTech & MarTech Is Here with Vizury’s Engage360 – The AI-driven Omnichannel Platform

MarTech and AdTech are the two terms that marketers talk a lot in today’s time. The expanse of these domains is far-reaching. Evidently, the convergence of these two under a single omnichannel marketing platform seemed almost impossible. The primary reason for this is the perennial difference between the technologies themselves. MarTech relies on the owned-media network and works with first-hand user data. AdTech works with paid media and third-party user data. 

Hence, handling AdTech user insights to make them usable to MarTech stack seemed to be a tough ask. Moreover, marketers needed these data to be connected together in an omnichannel marketing platform to achieve marketing efficiency. Unless the data in the AdTech and MarTech silos talk among each other, the true MAdTech era cannot begin. Hence, it is no wonder that the wait for true MAdTech has been for long being questioned by experts.

The wait is over – MAdTech Era is here – Presenting Vizury Engage360 – The Revolutionary Convergence of AdTech and MarTech in 1 platform

Vizury Engage360 is an AI-driven omnichannel marketing platform that optimizes the potential of each channel and delivers integrated consumer experiences across connected devices. It delivers high value consumer conversions by empowering marketers to seamlessly craft unique consumer journeys and enables timely decision-making across multiple touch-points powered by machine learning algorithms that learn and evolve in real time.

Vizury Engage360 platform aims to bring efficiency in marketing spends by integrating owned CRM channels like emails, notifications, messaging, journey 360, chatbot apps together with paid programmatic advertising channels through social, native, display and video ads.

The AI-driven omnichannel marketing platform realizes all the capabilities of AdTech and MarTech, combined under a single platform. With Engage360, marketers can now expect their channels to speak to each other, and the data in the individual silos converge to provide unified data-driven marketing solutions.

So, if you are skeptical and wondering about the claims of the true MAdTech platform, you have the right to do so. This blog will tell you if Engage360 is a pathbreaking omnichannel marketing platform or another one that would add to your woos of handling your advertising and marketing drives? Read on, and you will know for yourselves.

Engage360 – The Partner in Prime for Marketers

Engage360 is a platform combining advertising and marketing technologies under one roof. It unifies owned, social & paid media, CRM and is powered by AI to harness the potential of both marketing and advertising activities. Further, it helps in analyzing marketing efforts conveniently, and control  marketing budgets efficiently.

From CRM channels like email, journey360, SMS, app and web notifications to paid channels on RTB exchanges, Engage360 includes all. The omnichannel marketing platform also helps you to seamlessly craft customer journeys too. Therefore, you can design your campaigns to influence the user’s decision-making process through timely, well-organized engagements across multiple touchpoints.

Additionally, Engage360 supports 1:1 personalization as well as real-time segmentation. The features include multi-domain, geo, and language abilities, unlimited real-time and advanced segmentations, triggered campaigns and several other use cases. The platform has addressed pain points across transaction-based marketplace from shopping, travel, fintech to even gaming. 

These capabilities of Engage360 continuously evolve when it comes to gathering user insights. All touchpoints are powered by a machine learning algorithms that learn and pass insights to the system. Hence, the process of bidding for advertising space, or sending high-intent product recommendations to your users becomes completely automated. 

Furthermore, the platform brings in marketing efficiency, leading to a higher ROI for marketers. It helps them to engage users on free channels before spending through paid channels. The channels included pre-configured e-commerce triggers like cart abandonment alerts, time-sensitive discounts, price drop alert, restock alert; hence helping marketers drive marketing ROI with incremental revenue.

As the icing on the cake, marketers can now draw insights from their marketing or advertising drives through a unified dashboard. So, the analytics becomes easily available, without going through multiple dashboards or CSV files. The factor that Engage360 is a free before paid platform only adds to another value.

Are You Ready?

Engage360 is a ground-breaking amalgamation of the marketing and advertising world. It helps marketers to take control of their marketing and advertising needs easily, and comfortably. Not only it maximizes the ROI of your campaigns, but Engage360 also helps you to understand your users better and engage them more.

Additionally, along with you, Engage360 helps your customers too. Being an AI-powered platform, it shows your users the right content at the right time on the right platform. Thus, there is a lesser intrusion of your ads when it comes to your users. Consequently, it provides them a better user experience, leading to an inclusive experience and not an intrusive one.

Any communication should be done in such a way that it can invoke some action when it comes to your users. Engage360 not only helps you to do that but also enhances your capabilities for generating more revenue by optimizing the engagement and conversions. Intrigued? Want to know more? Reach us at for more product details and Engage360 Demo.

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