Vizury’s Notification CRM Platform: Holistic Platform With Best Feature Set

When you are looking to maximize your marketing efforts through push notifications, you need robust support from your CRM platform. Additionally, the platform should allow you to run personalized and targeted campaigns. Also, it must provide you a large array of features to accommodate your push marketing needs.

The primary objective of push notification for website is to provide the users with the right content on the device they are most active on. Also, the message must be clear, attractive, and urgent to improve the chances of converting the users. In light of these requirements, Vizury’s notification CRM platform presents the most holistic platform with the best feature set in its class.

We understand that you cannot take chances with your marketing efforts. Therefore, you can take a look at the following features that Vizury boasts of, and decide for yourself. Moreover, to make things more clear, we have categorized each of these features according to the purpose they serve.

Notification enhancements

  i.   Unlimited notification

Vizury push platform lets you send unlimited notifications to your users. In other words, there is no capping of the number of notifications that you decide to send. Thus, depending upon the segment you are in, you can schedule your push campaigns accordingly, as far as frequency is concerned.

  ii.   Welcome notification

This feature allows you to welcome your users onboard your website or app with a notification. A welcome notification improves the trust factor among your users. Besides, such notification also helps you to increase the engagement with first-time offers or messages directed towards the user details.

  iii.   API-based notification (Web and App)

Vizury’s CRM platform works on API-based notifications for both web and app. Therefore, it becomes easier to integrate and automate the complete process of sending notifications to users based on their behavior.


iv.   Notification limit control

Notification limit control allows you to take hold of the number of notifications you want to send to the users. Hence, it helps you to improve the relevance of your push messages, without intruding upon the users’ privacy.

Holistic features

Enhanced visibility and reach

  i.  Multi-domain

Vizury’s CRM platform allows you to create your notifications suiting multiple domains to reach maximum users. With this feature, you can seamlessly send a notification to users without redesigning your push codes every time there is a change of domains.

  ii.   Multi-language

Now you can target your users according to the language they speak, read, and understand. Thus, it helps you to create messages according to the local language and increases the engagement of the users.

  iv.   Multi-geo

The Vizury’s CRM platform takes geographical diversity into account while creating your push campaigns. Therefore, you can target your users both locally and globally, in languages they understand, and with the product that they need. This helps in increasing the engagement and subsequently, your conversion rates.


  i.   Real-time segmentation

This feature helps you to keep track of your users online and app behavior. Thereafter, it segments them into different categories so that you can target them according to the parameters set. Hence, this helps you to create more relevant push notifications to increase user engagement

  ii.   Advanced segmentation

Advanced segmentation helps you to segregate your users according to events and attributes. You can use these segments to target your users with specifically designed products for maximizing your conversion rates.

  iii.   Unlimited segments

Unlike other notification CRM platforms, Vizury allows you to create unlimited segments to categorize your users according to the parameters you deem right. Therefore, you can run campaigns with micro-segments and to the users who meet the criteria you set.

Campaign control and measurement

  i.   Triggered campaigns

You can now run push campaigns with trigger events using Vizury’s platform. Therefore, you can automate your campaigns according to your requirement and schedule.

  ii.   Behavior-based recommended campaigns

Sometimes, it becomes tough for a marketer to understand and run a campaign according to user behavior. Vizury’s IntelliRec algorithm helps you to move past this hurdle and automate your campaigns based on user behavior. Thus, the campaigns become more targeted and reach accurate users. Subsequently, it helps you to improve the engagement as well as conversion rates.

  iii.   A/B testing

You can create and test your push notification campaign on a real-time basis using the A/B testing feature. It helps you to tweak the campaigns according to content, graphics, and even CTA buttons until you know the best performing campaigns for your products.

  iv.   Offline data support

Push notifications are susceptible to delivery failure when the receiving device is not online. Vizury’s notification CRM platform helps you to take care of the issue through an offline data support feature. The data sent through push notification gets saved and gets delivered as soon as the device is connected to the internet.


  v.   Conversion tracking

Every marketing campaign needs monitoring and tracking of the performance to understand its impact. The notification CRM is equipped with conversion tracker to help you to monitor the conversion metrics, and help you to understand the success rate of your campaigns.

Customization and personalization

personalised notification

  i.   Carousel template app push

Sending multiple notifications might irritate your users at times. Vizury’s notification CRM platform allows you to merge multiple product information into one push notification known as carousel notification. It helps you to promote multiple products (supports upto 9 products) with scrollable, rich-media graphics and texts to improve user attention.

  ii.   1:1 personalization

No matter how many users you are dealing with, Vizury allows you to personalize your notification to the point of 1:1 interaction. Therefore, every notification you send out is curated to the users’ persona. Moreover, the personalization is available for CTA buttons too, so that every call to action button becomes actionable according to the users receiving them.

  iii.   Ecommerce use cases

Ecommerce use cases provide you with the perfect support to upgrade your ecommerce notifications to the next level. Vizury’s notification CRM platform has unique features such as Cross-sell, Up-sell, Price-drop alert, product labels, which increases the intensity of every notification you send.

  iv.   Emoji support

Emojis are the modern-day alphabets for the current generation. Vizury helps you to create your messages using emojis at appropriate places so that you can add the touch of emotional appeal to your users.

Pricing and data

  i.   Free trial

Vizury’s CRM platform offers a free trial of the platform upto 30days so that you can try and test it yourself. Hence, the decision-making process becomes easier for you as you already have an idea about the potential of the platform.

  ii.   Pricing flexibility

The Vizury’s CRM platform allows you to customize spending your marketing dollars with flexible pricing options. In other words, you pay only for what you use or opt for, and according to the success you achieve. Therefore, the platform helps you to cut down on the unnecessary marketing budget and optimize your ROI.


Since now you know the capabilities of Vizury as a platform, you can make an informed decision about trying it out. The free trial option lets you to even get on board without spending any money.

If you like to start using Vizury’s push platform and wondering how to begin, drop us an email at  and we will get back to you.

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