What is In-App retargeting meaning ? How to drive sales and user engagement?

Reach users on mobile devices” – As advertisers prepare to achieve this objective, their first step is to create mobile assets (website and apps). They invest heavily to build engaging apps and a lot of moolah is also spent on promoting these app downloads.

VC Funding for mobile apps

Source: CB Insights

But in most cases the focus on app-user engagement ends here. The result – downloaded apps are rarely accessed by users and subsequently deleted from the device.

This blog gives you a brief introduction of what is In-App retargeting meaning and how it helps you:

a. Retain your app users

b. Drive M-commerce sales.

About In-App retargeting meaning

Desktop retargeting has helped advertisers achieve up to 4X higher conversion rates. So when advertisers stepped into M-commerce, mobile web retargeting was a quick inclusion into their mobile marketing strategy.

However, retargeting can be extended to mobile apps as well. Which means that you can retarget users who have installed your app on their mobile device (smartphone/ tablet) and show customized product recommendation ads every time the user accesses another app through the same device. The ad customization will be based on the individual user’s first party user behavior data (non-PII) inside the app.

Here’s an example.

mobile in app retargeting

User A looks for flight tickets using an app but does not make a purchase. As the user opens various other apps on the same device (games, news, music) he will see ads reminding him about the pending purchase. Based on the user behavior or the advertiser’s preference the ad could be about the specific flight that the user looked up, special offers promoted by the advertiser, offers specific to the travel route etc.

Privacy compliance

In-app retargeting does not utilize user PII and if you insert the Vizury Event logger API into your app you will enable privacy compliant device recognition mechanisms to record the user behavior and identify the user across multiple apps running on the device.

The benefits

In-App retargeting provides more instances to engage your app drop offs and bring them back into the purchase cycle. Since both Android and iOS support privacy compliant mechanisms for user tracking, In-App retargeting can offer you a phenomenal mobile reach. Valuable insights into user behavior trends can be utilized to implement modifications/improvements to your app and thereby retain your hard earned app users.


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