How PetSutra Grew Conversions By 7X

PetSutra is a one-stop online pet supply store, which aims to deliver high-quality pet supplies such as dog food, supplements, treats, toys, dog accessories for every life-stages. Pet Sutra also provides high-quality products for small-sized pets like Cat, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Bird, and Fish from all over the world.

PetSutra wanted to offer personalized recommendations to its customers and drive more conversions across all digital channels and devices. They were also looking to reengage the dropped-off users to increase the overall CLTV.

PetSutra used the Vizury Engage360 Omnichannel Platform as a campaign management tool and engaged its customers at every stage of the purchase cycle. The result achieved was:

  • CTR increased by 5X
  • Dynamic Conversions boosted by 7X
  • ROI generated was 2X

Know more about the strategy they adopted with the case study here.

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