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retargeting to drive social commerce
over Facebook & Instagram

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Engage360 Social is here. Drive engagements & transactions
across Facebook properties

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Unparalleled Retargeting Performance From Social Ads

Early Access To Facebook Features Across All Facebook Properties

Incredible Scalability With
Reach Of Facebook

1:1 Personalization With
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Engage360 Social For Business - Create Lifecycle Conversations
For Your Brand

  • Engage Customers Across Lifecycle Over Social Media
    Combine customer's intent with their channel of preference. Deliver personalized retargeting over Facebook & Instagram - activate dormant users or bring back high LTV users.
  • Be The 1st One To Reach Your Customers
    With Facebook, Instagram leading the social engagement, you will be present where your customers are - on their channel of preference, at the right time to create a connect.
  • Send Personalized Alerts With 360 Social
    Create highly personalized communications across the customer lifecycle - Send price drop, back in stock, cross-sell & upsell alerts across Facebook properties
  • Flexible Pricing Models
    Choose your objective - from awareness to driving transactions, and leverage the option of choosing from a wide range of pricing models - CPC, CPT, CPS Or ROI based pricing
  • Intellibid - AI-Driven Retargeting For Higher ROI
    Retarget your customers across devices over Facebook / Instagram - Cutting edge tech that bids basis user's profile to deliver a higher ROI.

Platform Built For Marketers For Effective Social Retargeting

Case Study

Explore How We Helped Marketers Build Meaningful Relationship With Their Customers

Zoomcar Boosts Car Bookings By 2.5X

Vizury's dynamic personalized ads along with AI-based bidding ensured that the users with the highest propensity come back & book a ride.


Shopback Lifts In-App Conversions By 3X

Vizury's Personalized ads along with intelligent retargeting based on user score, helped lift conversions on the ShopBack app.


Goibibo Increases Engagement By 38%

Vizury's Facebook & Programmatic display retargeting for Goibibo helped reduce cost per visit and increase conversions on Goibibo app