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retargeting to drive social commerce
over Facebook & Instagram

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Engage360 Social is here. Drive engagements & transactions
across Facebook properties

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Marketing Partner

Unparalleled Retargeting Performance From Social Ads

Early Access To Facebook Features Across All Facebook Properties

Incredible Scalability With
Reach Of Facebook

1:1 Personalization With
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Engage360 Social For Business - Create Lifecycle Conversations
For Your Brand

  • Engage Customers Across Lifecycle Over Social Media
    Combine customer's intent with their channel of preference. Deliver personalized retargeting over Facebook & Instagram - activate dormant users or bring back high LTV users.
  • Be The 1st One To Reach Your Customers
    With Facebook, Instagram leading the social engagement, you will be present where your customers are - on their channel of preference, at the right time to create a connect.
  • Send Personalized Alerts With 360 Social
    Create highly personalized communications across the customer lifecycle - Send price drop, back in stock, cross-sell & upsell alerts across Facebook properties
  • Flexible Pricing Models
    Choose your objective - from awareness to driving transactions, and leverage the option of choosing from a wide range of pricing models - CPC, CPT, CPS Or ROI based pricing
  • Intellibid - AI-Driven Retargeting For Higher ROI
    Retarget your customers across devices over Facebook / Instagram - Cutting edge tech that bids basis user's profile to deliver a higher ROI.

Case Study

Explore How We Helped Marketers Build Meaningful Relationship With Their Customers

Zoomcar Boosts Car Bookings By 2.5X

Vizury's dynamic personalized ads along with AI-based bidding ensured that the users with the highest propensity come back & book a ride.


Shopback Lifts In-App Conversions By 3X

Vizury's Personalized ads along with intelligent retargeting based on user score, helped lift conversions on the ShopBack app.


Goibibo Increases Engagement By 38%

Vizury's Facebook & Programmatic display retargeting for Goibibo helped reduce cost per visit and increase conversions on Goibibo app


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