Web Push Notification

Browser & web push notifications
to drive Engaging conversations

Cross-device personalised mobile and desktop browser/
web push notifications to drive sales & ROI

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How Vizury's Web Push / Browser Push Notifications
drives value for your business?


Send messages across mobile or desktop with Vizury's mobile push & desktop push notifications for use cases across customer lifecycle

Supported Across Browsers

Vizury's Chrome push notifications, Firefox push notifications, Safari push notifications for Mac OS, and Opera push notifications work seamlessly

Product Feed Integrations

Personalize each web push notification to include the product image, product name, and price to send relevant updates over mobile and desktop

Real-Time Analytics

Analyze, optimize & tweak your campaigns on a daily basis and create cohorts to know the response of each segment of customers

Pre-Configured Ecommerce Templates

Vizury gives you preconfigured templates to play and play for leading ecommerce use cases

Push Notifications With
Multiple Customizations

Send simple push notification, only text push notifications or leverage big size notification or big size push notification with 2 CTA's to drive higher engagements

Web Push Notifications for all business types & use cases -
Grow transactions & engagements

  • Ecommerce
  • Food & Beverages
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Financial Services

Hear Your Customers. Collect Feedbacks Post Delivery

Give Your Customers More Reasons To Come Back

Activate Customers Before Peak Seasons

Send Meaningful Reminders To Augment Conversions

Intellirec - Vizury's proprietary AI-based recommendations
for retargeting over owned media

Powerful machine learning engine which automatically maximizes user engagement by predicting and recommending relevant products to the right user at the right time, which is most likely to be purchased

Vizury's web push notifications platform - built for marketers

Ecommerce Triggers

Combine customer intent with their channel of preference. Deliver personalized retargeting over Facebook and Instagram

Real-Time Segmentation

Start engaging the right users with the best message at the perfect time

Carousel Template

Show 6 products in 1 Notification to drive higher conversions

Top Platforms

Listed amongst the global top 5 push notification platforms by BusinessofApps

Incredible Scalability

Millions of users? No problem. Our platforms are easily scalable for push notifications

1:1 Personalization

Personalize push notifications based on user interest & user behavior

Web push notification for marketers to drive engagements & transactions